HNET Newsletter Feb 15, 2015

By | February 15, 2015


We are preparing for a week of daily music creation next week, and we will be sharing a bit of the process with members daily. don’t forget to tune in, starting Monday the 16th.


We have been in music creation mode this week as we prepare to record and write five new songs for the fan club EP. Starting this coming Monday, Fan Club members will be able to get a daily inside look at the writing and recording of the new tunes (check out the calendar for all the info).

We hope that many of you have enjoyed a bit of Valentine’s Day love HANSON style with a tasty chocolate or a special mug. We’re glad so many people around the world have ordered the chocolates, otherwise we would have to eat them all ourselves (and they are delicious). Wishing you a great Valentine’s weekend, and we will see you next week for a daily dose of creation.

Have a great weekend!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

aLive@hnet Members Only Streams

Join HANSON all next week, Feb 16th20th, for an inside look at the making of the 2015 Members Only EP.  Watch the live streams starting at 7:00PM CT, Monday through Friday on the Members streaming page.  Tune in and watch Isaac, Taylor and Zac as they dive into the creation of new music. Watch each day as they write and/or record one of five brand new songs and get a taste of what’s to come as a part of this year’s Members Only EP.

Not a member? Join today and watch the streams all next week.