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By | February 1, 2015



Taylor Hanson 2015 – Making Music – USA


This coming week we will host our annual song writing retreat Fool’s Banquet.  It is a time in the year we all look forward to.  Think of it like camp for people who love making music.  Lots of friends, old and new.  New musical projects every day.  Great food, and yes, we are bringing some Mmmhops!  Fools happens each year in January or February and it serves as a great creative jump start for what ever projects we are working on, or about to start.  This year Fools will lead us right into the 2015 Members only EP.Over the past few weeks we have been building and painting and rearranging the 3CG office and recording studio, adding new rooms for writing and generally rethinking the way we use our spaces. If all goes according to plan, our studio additions will have a huge positive impact on all the recording we plan to do later this year.

We are currently working on a lot of different projects for 2015, a Tour, New album, Hanson Day 2015, Back To The Island 2016, Hop Jam 2015.  There is a lot we will be sharing come HANSON Day, but in the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for info about live streaming of the making of the 2015 Members EP which we will be announcing next week.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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