Back To The Island 2015 Recap

By | January 13, 2015

January 7-11, 2015 was Hanson’s 3rd Back to the Island event.  Most fans began to arrive at the Cancun airport on the 7th and got a shuttle to the resort. The ride took about 20 minutes (as compared to Jamaica’s 90 minute ride in years past.)  Upon check in fans were told if they lost their resort bracelet, safe key or towel card they would have to pay $30-$100 to replace them.  Checking in with Island Gigs got fans the color lanyards (red or green).  Fans who were attending for their 2nd year got a pineapple pin and fans attending for the 3rd year got sunglasses.

The only activity going on was the Welcome to the Island Show at 10pm so fans were able to check out the resort and get something to eat at one of the resort’s restaurants.  The Welcome to the Island show was a 25 song set with a new song creation of Sandy / Sand in my Crevice being written before our eyes. It was incredibly windy which is what led to sand in everyone’s crevice.  After the show Zac ran off stage which prompted Taylor to say “I guess we’re not bowing?”

Day 2 the red passes had their Zac & Isaac events while green passes didn’t have anything to do until Zac’s solo show at 3pm. Zac did an 8 song set which included the first repeat song of the trip with Juliet and the first never before played live song with Wait Here For You. He also talked about Fool’s Banquet and the songs that came out of that event and that he had a joke song called “Divorce”.

Isaac’s set was 10 songs – including the “Sometimes / Smile” mess up – Isaac had intended to play Sometimes as it was a request from the crowd, and talked about how he could never remember the words.  Instead he started singing Smile and didn’t realize it until he was quite far into the song! This became a running joke for the weekend and something he said he would never forget. Isaac’s set had the repeat of Minute Without You and 2 songs that have never been performed live – Two Tears and Ordinary Words.

Later that night was the “Christmas Plus” show – which had several songs never before played live – What Christmas Means To Me, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, Finally It’s Christmas & At Christmas.  After 8 Christmas songs, they did cover songs – some of their favorite songs that they didn’t write.  They finished out the set with a few Hanson songs since up to that point they only did 1 or 2 original Hanson songs.

Day 3 the green passes had their Zac & Isaac events. For Zac’s event, Fans picked a piece of pottery and took a seat at a table.  Zac came on stage and teased that a lot of people said the painting reminded them of kindergarten, but he never went there because when he should have been in kindergarten he was in a band! Everyone started painting and Zac went around to every table to see how things were going.

Isaac’s mixology session started with a bit of a lesson on cocktails. When making the first drink, he broke a glass which left both him and his helper with minor injuries.  The drinks that Isaac made should have their recipes posted on the website soon so you can try them at home if you would like.

Then there was a bit of a mixup with the schedule due to weather.  Instead of Taylor’s solo show and Nick and David’s sets, we instead were loaded up on to buses at 8pm and taken to the ferry. We then took the ferry to Isla Mujeres to have the “Desert Island Setlist” which is the songs that won from the voting.

The final full day of activities started with photos with the band. It was supposed to start at 1pm, but the guys didn’t show up until about 1:30.  Photos went until about 4:30. Then it was time for Taylor’s solo show. He invited a special guest on stage after a couple of songs – the special guest was Isaac and they did “Smiletimes” aka – Sometimes.  Isaac hung around for the next song (Sunny Day) as well.  Taylor’s set also had a never before heard live song – All I Ever Needed which is one of the song downloads from the ICON book.

Then it was time for Nick Santino followed by David Ryan Harris.  Both had great sets although there was a bit of chattiness happening during David’s set – which he even mentioned – but I guess no one got the hint to keep things down a bit.

After the special guest sets, the room needed to be cleared out to be set up for the afterparty.  The afterparty was a lot of fun – and had some special surprises joining Taylor up on stage. Video is to come – it’s really hard to put in to words just what was going on on stage – you’ll have to see it to believe it.

Many fans left the next day to head home after having another great time on the “Island” with Hanson.

No details for a next year have been released although Zac did seem to imply that it would be happening.

More videos, photos and setlist stats are to come so stay tuned!