Monthly Archives: December 2014

Photo of the Week

And our final Photo of the Week for 2014 comes from Laura. This photo was taken of Taylor in 2010 during the mid-walk speech. This particular walk too place at night in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fun times!

2014 Hanson Year in Review

Here is our yearly recap of what HANSON did throughout 2014! January 2014 kicked off with Hanson having played a New Years Eve performance in Syracuse, NY. Zac vowed to rid the world of twerking as part of his New Years Resolution. They were up for Biggest Music Comeback at PopCrush. Back To The Island 2 kicked off… Read More »

Tuesday Trivia

  BONUS Hanson Trivia to end 2014!   Isaac’s motto is “Do as little as possible and stay out of the way” when it comes to playing bass. Which song from Anthem was the first to be recorded?

Trivia Tuesday

The ailment Taylor was dealing with during the recording of The Walk was a deviated septum. After Bob Marlette tells the guys about writing one great song – what does Zac do? (Join us for Tuesday Trivia in 2015 to find out the answer as our weekly trivia feature continues!)

Music Monday

And for our final Music Monday for 2014 – The Beach Boys “God Only Knows” is this week’s selection for song Hanson should cover! Memberships now include Shipping charge

In case you missed it, the FAQs on have been updated to include information on memberships now being charged a shipping fee. Why is shipping/handling added to my membership order? The cost of the membership kit has stayed the same for 10 years while shipping/handling costs have increased 8 times in that period. Due to the additional… Read More »