HNET Newsletter Oct 10, 2014

By | October 10, 2014


Much of this week has been spent preparing for tomorrows Live Streams.  First ALIVE TONIGHT, and after NIGHTCAP, our members only stream.  We have been editing together footage from the ANTHEM world tour and Disney World, amongst others, preparing for a great time with a lot to share. We love the way streaming creates a moment we can share with everyone around the world (assuming you have Internet access).  We get to perform live music and share stories, and people all over the world can tune in live to rocking out, singing along, laughing with or at us; it is a powerful thing.  We hope these upcoming streams tomorrow, and on November 8th, are the start of a new era for the way we share what we love on the Internet and the New

The new website has been up and running for a little over a week and we have been so pleased by the feedback we have gotten from members.  Thank you to everyone for your patience during the site build, and even now as we work through the growing pains of a totally new site.

Thanks for Listening.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Voice Mail Contest

Wouldn’t you love to have HANSON as your personal secretary, answering your phone when you are too busy or too bored to be bothered with the task of talking to your family and friends?  Don’t miss this chance to have HANSON doing your voice mail! Make sure your are entered into the Voice Mail Contest before it closes at the end of the day on Tuesday October 14th

Not yet a member? To join, click here.

As a part of the Alive Tonight Live Stream this Saturday October 11th at 8pm CT anyone can submit questions. It’s easy, just tweet your question with the hashtag #AskHANSON 

If you want to as a question during the members only Nightcap Live Stream that will follow Alive Tonight, it’s easy, too.  Starting right now you can submit your questions

  1.       Login to your account
  2.       Click Here or on one of the Ask HANSON banners on
  3.       Send HANSON your charming and intriguing question

NOTE: Questions must be submitted before the start of the Nightcap Live Stream

As a part of the Alive Tonight Live Stream HANSON will be taking questions from fans all over the world, but they will also be asking a questions. During Saturdays stream Members will be asked to answer questions, and their selection will decide what will be posted to HANSON VINE after the stream. Make sure to tune in and vote.

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