HNET Newsletter September 8, 2014

By | September 8, 2014

Message From The Band

Hope everyone is having an amazing Monday, I know we are as we creep ever nearer to the launch of the new website. Over the last week we have gotten a lot of feedback about the issues that are still unfixed on the new site, and the select group of members who have been a part of the BETA testing has made a big difference. Each day we are transferring and uploading content, testing every button on each section and generally putting the last polish on the site design. After months of work on the new site, you can feel the growing sense of anticipation for the final reveal in the air at 3CG. We continue to work on plans for the rest of the year and what we will be doing in 2015 (besides going to Mexico for BTTI 2015) and when time comes to share we hope you all will be as excited about them as we are. This week we will be putting our heads down a lot and doing more writing for outside projects, but every song written for someone else often just fuels more ideas for HANSON. Speaking of needing new ideas, on Friday we released the second track for the Members Only EP: Super Digital Pants. The song is called Romancing With A Robot, we hope it brightens up your week.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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The Pictures book is a collection of photos that were shared in installments on highlighting some of the HANSON activities from each week from May 2013 to May 2014.

Weekly Photo

Taylor Hanson, shooting reflection, ANTHEM World Tour, Sydney Australia 2014

One of the things we are excited about with the new web site is the better presentation of visuals throughout the site. This shot and many other’s will have an even better place to live on the soon to launch!