HNET Newsletter June 27, 2014

By | June 27, 2014

Message From The Band

This week we are going to be sharing more of our plans for 2014, looking back at this year’s HANSON Day, asking you what you would like to see next year and talking about what we are working on now, all starting in a members only stream tonight at 8:00PM CST. We will be sharing everything from the new build of, to the ICON painting book including the special ANTHEM paintings and never before released music; the 2014 Streaming Christmas Special and the Australian leg of the ANTHEM would tour, plus we will also be answering your questions. So many of the things we have been focused on this year have been behind the scenes, but with the launch of a new website just around the corner, an exciting tour down under coming in August, and plans for the release of more new music this year in the ICON painting book there is a lot to be excited about for the second half of 2014. See you for the LIVESTREAM at 8 Central

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Weekly Photo

Photos of headphones and camera’s for the ‘Are You Listening Gallery” HANSON Day 2014, Tulsa OK

Taylor had a lot of fun creating some iconic images of headphones and cameras inspired by the original concept of the Underneath album ten years ago. Are You Listening?