HNET Newsletter June 13, 2014

By | June 14, 2014

Message From The Band

This week, we have been immersed in the full force of summer. The heat is climbing and the creative juices are flowing and we are working away like little mice on some of the new things we hope to share with you soon. One of the big ones, as we shared a couple weeks ago, is the launch of a whole new, which our team has been hard at work on for months. On the music side of things, firstly, we hope all the fan club members are loving “Music Made For Humans” the new FC EP which includes a really eclectic group of five songs written and recorded at our writing retreat earlier this year. We are also preparing new content to share with you as a part of the new site launch (more images,videos and music).

Enjoy your week!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


The 2014 Members EP is now being shipped! To receive the 2014 Fan Club Member Kit, you need to join the fan club or renew your fan club membership within 2014. To join/renew, Click Here!.

Weekly Photo

Taylor Hanson 2011 – Taking photo through rear view mirror – US

The summer brings new roads and bridges. When was the last time you wandered down a new path, or an open road? Give it a try!

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