Mastodon aim to assault a different orifice, unveil “palate-crushing” IPA

By | January 15, 2014

Tiny Mixtapes


Not to deliberately ignore the doubtless litany of bands lending their palates toward the production of personalized alcoholic beverages, but it seems Mastodon and Hanson have more in common than just a mutual aptitude for creating instrumentally challenging, musically fierce tunes. (I mean, what is “MMMBop” if not an onomatopoeic call for violence? Luckily the brothers have so far repressed their desire to “da ba doo wop” and potentially send someone to the hospital.)

Yes, no one need doubt Mastodon’s musical bonafides given their discography over the last decade-plus, but little did we know that behind all of that tattooed intensity lies a rather elegant appreciation for the IPA. They give the contents of their glass a swirl. On stage, they spew at the crowd the most uniform stream possible, in the process, resembling fountain sculptures of antiquity. And in a notable step forward as beer connoisseurs, last week it was revealed that the band, in collaboration with British craft beer makers Signature Brew , have come up with their very own, Mastodon-approved beverage: a Double Black IPA called Black Tongue . It’s filled with hops and such; excuse my ignorance. I’m also fairly certain no giraffes were harmed in its creation.

Not much to add beyond that. Check out the short doc below, and look forward to the release of Mastodon’s sixth studio album sometime this year.

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