How Taylor Hanson’s New Haircut Affected Our Lives

By | January 15, 2014


A short explanation of what happens when Taylor Hanson cuts his hair… Get The Hair Back!

You all may know Taylor Hanson.

Musician. Entrepreneur. Father. Keyboardist and singer of the band Hanson. And, mamma mia, he’s hot as hell!!

He, as well as his brothers, has the incredible gift of natural (or supernatural) beauty.

And of course, he has the best hair in the world.


Since immemorial times he’s had all the ladies around him. Everything was just perfect.

But not so long ago something terrible, TERRIBLE happened…Taylor had a haircut.

He was like…


And that’s when all the madness began.

All the fans were like…

He left us speechless.

We checked once…twice…TEN TIMES the picture to see if it was real. We didn’t believe it.

We tried to convince ourselves that it was fake.

But it was REAL. The CRUEL truth was there, in front of our eyes.

We couldn’t do nothing but cry.

What kind of mean hair-stylist could have done something like that to us?

We tried to eat away the pain.

And to hide our dislike for the haircut.

But we couldn’t hide it for too long.

We were angry.

Why, Taylor, WHY?!

Now GO back to the hair stylist and ask for a refund.

You should learn from Ike

Oh yes, we love his hair!