Listen to a Playlist of OK!’s Most Underrated Songs of 2013

By | December 27, 2013

OK Magazine

This was a jam-packed year in music. Get it? Packed with a lot of jams? There was a ton of new music to fill up our earholes and just when we least expected it, Beyonce dropped a whole new album on our asses.

Fortunately, there is no Beyonce to be found on this list of Underrated Songs of 2013. We all appropriately flipped out over her new tunes. But here are a few that not nearly enough people put on repeat for weeks at a time. Have no fear, it comes in handy playlist form so you can do just that! There’s some album deep cuts that should’ve been singles and some singles that should’ve been life-changers. Let’s take a listen to some of the underappreciated gems of the year.

Hanson “Get The Girl Back”

Hanson released a new album Anthem this year that is not to be slept on. The first single off of it is a fun song, and see the video for a handful of cameos from their celebrity friends.

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