UOL audience chooses the best discs of 2013; see the winners

By | December 27, 2013

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And the albums of the year are … UOL readers voted and chose the best albums released in 2013. There were six categories, including national and international, that were available between the 3rd and 27th of December in a pre-selected list. But as of end of year lists are not always fair, many disks were left out and some of them were reminded in the comments left by the public. The singer Beyoncé, however, that he decided to release an album of surprise on Dec. 13, went wide of the major polls.

See below what were the top three albums each category:

  • “Anthem” – Hanson


1st place: “Anthem” by Hanson (30.8%)
A strong fan base that keeps the trio in Brazil represented: there were 18,754 votes for the ninth album, released in June. The single “Get the Girl Back” put the brethren of the charts again after nine years without going on the Billboard charts.

2nd place: “Demi” Demi Lovato (13.1%, 7,952 votes)
3rd place: “Midnight Memories” by One Direction (8.7%, 5,270 votes)

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