2014 Daily Features – Coming Soon!

By | December 1, 2013

In 2014 we are looking to have daily features Monday – Friday and are looking for your submissions.  Submissions can be sent to blog@hansonstage.com.

Music Monday – Music Mondays in 2014 will be all about covers.  There are 3 different things were are looking for:

1. A song you’d like Hanson to cover.  Let us know what song you think Hanson should cover. Old, new, doesn’t matter, just make sure you let us know who the original performer is so we can include a video.

2. Your favorite song Hanson has covered.  What song has Hanson covered that you have loved and hope they continue to perform it? Let us know.

3. Someone else covering Hanson.  Have you or another band covered a Hanson song and thing that it is a great rendition? Link us to a video and we will share it.

Trivia Tuesday – Tuesday will be all about the trivia. If you think you have a stumper of a question (we’d prefer for it to be concert related since we are HansonStage, but not required) email it to us. Please be sure to include the answer! You can also include multiple choice (up to 4) if you’d like.

Wednesday Photo of the Week – We will continue to post a photo of the week each Wednesday. If you have any from the 2013 tour that you think are worthy, send them to us.  You can send up to 5 per concert and be sure to let us know when they were taken! Please only send photos taken by you. (unless the photo is of you and a Hanson and a friend took it, that’s ok!)

Throwback Thursday – We will be focusing on 1997 Hanson photos. Send your favorites to us to see if they will be posted!

Flashback Friday – More 1997 Hanson photos.

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