People Are Pissed With Hanson Because MmmBop Is Still In Their Head

By | October 4, 2013

Heckler Spray


When you think of super popular, totally overplayed musical acts from the 90s, the really pretty Hanson brothers tend to top a lot of lists.  This was back when MTV actually played music videos, so you could hear the high pitched white version of scatting in “MmmBop” on both radio and television multiple times an hour.  Parents everywhere were on the verge of mass murder.

Then puberty hit, their Jesus loins were chained, a bajillionity children popped out of their groupies turned housewives, and the world collectively went “Ahh!”  Sadly for some, it wasn’t enough.  Some are still really bitter about their ear damage.

So, if anyone living in Seattle heard a lot of squealing Monday night, and found a few pairs of size 10 Hanes Her Way control top underwear laying on the street, there’s a perfectly good reason.  Hanson was performing a show.  Take a minute to control your shock and laughter, yes Hanson still tours.  And one man took it upon himself to fight back.

According to some witnesses (a handful of 40 year olds wearing t-shirts covered in puffy paint and glitter), there was some random dude with a stick up his ass who managed to sneak onto the tour bus.  When the former Sun-In spokesmen got onto their bus, they found the creepster.  The littlest Hanson, Zac, decided to man up and kick the guy off. Not only did the future Chris Hansen victim not appreciate the lack of hospitality, but he wanted payback for all the years of damage done to his ear drums.


And how does a grown ass man get revenge?  He obviously brings out his inner 4 year old, and hocks a massive loogie.  And lucky for us, everyone has a smart phone these days.

That shit is just nasty.  And you can tell Hanson doesn’t have Beiber type bodyguards, because everyone just  kind of stood around going “Well, that just happened.”  Beiber’s on the books hoodlums would have had saliva man swapping spit with the concrete in seconds.

ZacHansonThe highlight of the whole video is Zac’s little smirk at the end.  It’s like he is saying “Oh please.  Like this is the first time I have ended up with a face full of fluid.”