Drank: Mmmhops (Mustang Brewing and Hanson)

By | September 29, 2013

Willamette Week 


Everyone who’s commented on Mmmhops, the beer from the brotherly band Hanson, has feigned surprise that those sweet little boys with little-girl haircuts now sell beer. Let’s be serious: The youngest Hanson, Zac, is 27 and has two kids. He’s got to feed those kids, and beer is one of the most lucrative products there is after you’ve established desirable branding. Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Motörhead and Kiss also have beers out. (No one knows how to print money like old metalheads.) Mmmhops was made by Oklahoma City’s Mustang BrewingCompany. Maybe the brothers should have pushed for Tulsa’s superior Marshall Brewing, because Mmmhops contains very little “Mmm” or hops. I suspect this old-school pale ale was made in one big batch a few months ago, as the bottles that arrived for us tasted like a skunky Magic Hat #9 with an undeniably tinny finish. “This is the beer that will change the way you look at craft beer,” Taylor Hanson told an interviewer in August. Thankfully, that’s not true for me. Please, don’t let it be true for you. Not recommended.

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