Hanson.net Newsletter September 6 2013

By | September 6, 2013

Message From The Band

Tour has been incredible so far, between the walks and the shows we are having a blast. Each night we are amazed that we get to do what we do, being a band traveling the world making music, we thank you for it making it possible. ANTHEM is turning out to be a really fun album to play live, we knew from the beginning that it would be, but there’s nothing like seeing the music you crafted for months, come to life on stage. Speaking of live music this week we are finally announcing the release of ANTHEM Live In New York, a new DVD + Double Live Album. We recorded the concert on the day ANTHEM was released at Irving Plaza in NYC, and it captures one of the first concerts ever played featuring the new album. There is something special about the first, something worth remembering, and this DVD captures it in all it’s glory. We pulled together a crack team to remix and master the audio and amongst others acquired the talents of Tom Lord-Alge who mixed Middle of Nowhere, This Time around, Snowed in and ANTHEM, all to really take the mix to the next level. I know all of us are very proud of the end result, we hope you enjoy it when it comes out, and stay tuned for some first look clips of the DVD on Hanson.net.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

NEW ANTHEM Live In New York CD/DVD Set

ANTHEM Live In New York CD/DVD Set Available for Pre-order now!

In this special live performance event captured in the spring of 2013 in New York City, the three time Grammy nominated, pop-rock trio HANSON, bring the music from their sixth studio album ANTHEM to the stage and to their fans for the first time.

With two hours of music, including twenty seven songs, this live concert captures the most robust single performance product the band has ever put together, highlighting the vast catalog of music released over the past twenty one years performing together, spanning all six of their studio albums and many of their hits (Mmmbop, Where’s the love, If Only, This Time Around, Penny And Me and more) as well as many fan favorites and brand new music from their acclaimed album all coming to life on stage.

NEW RE Made In America, The Making of ANTHEM

Re Made In America, The Making of ANTHEM documents the process of creating ANTHEM, HANSON’s sixth studio album.

The Documentary takes you through the process of recording ANTHEM taking you behind the scenes to hear directly from Isaac, Taylor and Zac to watch them build the album from the first word written to the last chord recorded.

Bundles available with the new DVDs Re Made In America and ANTHEM Live In New York

European Members Only Events

For Fan Club Members Only!

We are really excited to be hosting four different special Members Only Events (MOE) in Europe this fall.

The events will take place as part of the concert in the following cities:
Birmingham, UK

This week we’re pumped to announce that each event will feature 30 minutes of members only music featuring the new members ep “The Sound Of Light”, plus other special tunes, along with a Q&A with the band and a meet and greet where we take group pics with everyone!

Don’t forget to RSVP HERE if you are an existing member. If you are not yet a member, you can join right now HERE.

US/CAN Members Only Events

For Fan Club Members Only!

During the ANTHEM World Tour, HANSON will host a FREE fan club members only events in selected US/CANADA Tour Cities.

The first of these events will take place as part of the concert in the following cities:
Memphis, TN
Vancouver, BC, CANADA

For more details, click here.

Take The Walk on the ANTHEM World Tour

Join us before each concert on the US and Canadian leg of the ANTHEM WORLD TOUR for a one mile barefoot walk to support the TAKE THE WALK Campaign to fight poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa. for each person who joins the walk, a dollar will be donated on your behalf to support the effort. Each walker can choose to donate greater funds to support clean water, new shoes, education, or life saving medicine. Plan on joining us, and spread the word so that we can make an impact through each event throughout the tour.

Upcoming walks:
New Orleans

Walk On – Taylor, Isaac and Zac

Anthem World Tour

The ANTHEM WORLD TOUR started July 18th in Buenos Aires, Argentina, makes its way through the US and Canada before heading to Europe and endsDecember 17th in Milan, Italy.

Tickets On Sale NOW! Check out the full list of tour dates HERE.

Weekly Photo

Each Friday we are sharing a special weekly picture that highlights something that’s gone on during the week, or something that we want to look back on from the amazing 21 years of our band.

Street Chairs in Line For Concert 2013 – ANTHEM World Tour – Boston MA
The ANTHEM World Tour is in full swing, and that means that like us, many of our most amazing fans are traveling and camping out before the show. Thanks for joining us so far on this tour, and we hope to see you all soon! Give us a caption for this pic.

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