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By | July 16, 2013

Looks like Hanson has been getting some decent press out in New Zealand as of late, here are a few articles that have been posted:

Hanson celebrate 16th anniversary of MMMBop

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Source: ONE News

To mark the anniversary of the top selling single of 97, the Hanson brothers are releasing a new album.

Mixed reviews for Hanson’s beer

In an age where most pop stars release perfumes, brother band Hanson have opted for something a little yeastier than your traditional eau de toilette.

“People are gonna really dig it ,” says singer and keyboardist Taylor.

“Try it because you’re curious, you’ll order a second one because it’s legitimately a great beer, ” says drummer Zac.

And what name would be appropriate for a hoppy pale ale released by this trio? MmmmmHOPS of course.

“It’s a little tongue-in-cheek ,” says Taylor. “Calling it Mmmmhop is not taking ourselves too seriously but the beer is a serious beer.”

The Hanson brothers – Isaac, Taylor and Zac – released their hit single ‘MmmBop’ 17 years ago, but they were around before that and celebrated their 21st anniversary earlier this year.

And just last month, the lads released a new album  ‘Anthem’ .

So what does making beer have to do with making music? Well “Quite a lot”, according to big Hanson bro Isaac .

“The independent brewing culture is very similar to music culture, in its spirit. People are creating things; it’s a craft that people are really, really passionate about and really excited about.”

So far, the beer’s getting mixed reviews from beer connoisseurs but when the music’s that good, who really cares.

Hanson launches MMMhop beer range

Former child stars Hanson are getting into the beer-selling business with a new IPA styled after their biggest hit MMMbop

The three brothers made the MMMhop IPA in collaboration with a craft brewery in their home state of Oklahoma.

They launched the beer at a party after The Hangover 3 premiere in Los Angeles.

It comes with the tagline: “From the guys that invented MMMbop“.

Singer Taylor Hanson posted a picture to Twitter of him holding the beer with one of the film’s stars Ed Helms.

Hanson shot to global fame with the release of their album Middle of Nowhere, including its smash hit song MMMbop, in 1997.

Though their subsequent recordings did not sell as well, the band continues to self-release albums through their own music label.

Guitarist Isaac Hanson  is 31, frontman Taylor is 28 and drummer Zac is 26. They all have children. Taylor has four and the brothers have two each.

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