Hanson Survives Band Tension To Create a New 'Anthem': Video Performance and Q&A

By | July 11, 2013


Hanson, those erstwhile and beloved pop-rock brothers, have just released their first album together after crossing the 20-year mark as a band. And while “Anthem,” released on their own 3CG label last month, features some of cleanest hooks of the band’s career, Isaac, Taylor and Zac described the difficult process of putting together Hanson’s sixth studio album — one that almost ended with the dissolution of the trio — during a recent visit to Billboard’s New York studio.

“There was a very good chance that this band could have broken up, for sure,” says Taylor Hanson, who, along with his brothers, performed the “Anthem” tracks “Get the Girl Back” and “Cut Right Through Me” during their studio visit. After Hanson finished touring behind its 2010 album “Shout It Out,” the group started recording “Anthem” in February 2012… and then stopped, after feeling “worn out” and needing a break.

Watch Hanson perform “Get The Girl Back” below:

“There was sort of a sense, when we came back together, that we really were fighting for this record,” says Zac Hanson. Taylor adds, “And we looked at each other and looked inside and said, Okay, what do the next 20 years look like? Is there a next 20 years? And does it start with this album? And if it does start with this album, what does it sound like?”

Watch the video above for more of Hanson’s revealing interview, including their take on their diehard fans and comparing their first decade as a band to their second decade. And check out their performance of “Cut Right Through Me” below:

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