Taylor on The Wright Stuff

By | July 3, 2013

Taylor’s appearance on The Wright Stuff is available to watch on their website: http://www.channel5.com/shows/the-wright-stuff/episodes/wednesday-3-july There are country restrictions on this video so if you are not in the UK you may not be able to watch it.

Part 1 – Hellos

Part 2/3 – NO CASH, NO NUKES! Can we really justify spending £20bn we don’t have on our nuclear defence program. The Tories say yes, the Lib Dems say no, we’ve moved on since the Cold War. And with the threat more likely to come from rogue terrorist states- or even homegrown terrorist groups, is a nuclear deterrent just expensive posturing? Or do we need to remain a nuclear force?

Part 4 – Todays Papers

Part 5 – TEST MUMS-TO-BE FOR PND? Should all pregnant women be tested for post-natal depression? A new £10 blood test would indicate if Mum-to-be has a faulty gene making her three to five times more likely to develop PND. It might flag up those most at risk, meaning they’re on the radar for extra help. But won’t it just worry pregnant women unnecessarily? After all there’s no guarantee carriers would develop the condition. Nor is it certain that those without won’t, will they have a false sense of security and end up less likely to get treatment?

Part 6 – WRITE WHAT YOU WANT ON A GRAVESTONE? Should you be able to write what you want on a gravestone? Two brothers have been refused permission to include It Was Only Rock and Roll on their musician father’s headstone epitaph- and He Finally Fell Off His Perch. Church bods who get the final say reckon they cross the line- what do you think?

PArt 7 – BAN CHINESE LANTERNS? Should we ban Chinese lanterns? We were inundated with emails from you guys yesterday following the news that just a single lantern caused a blaze of apocalyptic proportions in the West Midlands. Fire chiefs say they’re a menace and should be banned. But would that be a knee-jerk, kill-joy reaction to one freak event?

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