"MMMBop" singers Hanson debut MmmHops beer

By | May 26, 2013


CBS News — Remember when the members of Hanson weren’t old enough to drink?

The singing trio of brothers, who are very much grown up now (complete with wives and kids), just launched their own IPA beer with quite the clever name: MmmHops Pale Ale.

Of course, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson first came on the scene with “MMMBop” in 1997 — a whopping 16 years ago. The tune went on to reach No. 1 in 27 countries. So, it’s good to know these guys are still are around and also making use of that irresistibly catchy single, albeit in beer form.

MmmHops made its debut this week at an after-party in Los Angeles for “The Hangover Part III.” Taylor and “Hangover” star Ed Helms are seen in this Instagram photo drinking the new beer together.

Meanwhile, the song “MMMBop” is getting another chance in the spotlight; the latest “Hangover” installment opens with Zach Galifianakis driving and rocking out to the sounds of “MMMBop.” The song also appears on the movie soundtrack.

As for the Hanson brothers, they’ve been making music this whole time, consistently releasing albums since their debut, “Boomerang,” in 1995. Their latest, “Anthem,” arrives June 18.

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