Boy Meets World: Taylor Hanson

By | May 3, 2013

Nylon Mag

I know I don’t need to ask if you rememember Taylor Hanson (we both know you still have his poster taped/framed above your bed). The lover-boy, middle child of the Hanson trio just turned thirty, and he’s got a new album (with his bros, duh) coming out this summer–which means he’s got two major reasons to celebrate. But before he parties it up, we figured he needed a slap of reality. Yup, you guessed it–it’s time for a round of BOY MEETS WORLD. -ALI HOFFMAN

THE NEWS: Beyonce and Andre 3000 covered Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” for The Great Gatsby Soundtrack
Taylor’s View: “People feel like it is too soon to cover an Amy Winehouse song? Well, you know, honestly I think it’s probably too much thought going into that subject. I think you’ve got Beyonce, who’s good at what she does. Andre 3000 is great at what he does. Amy Winehouse was loved. And, hey, you’ve got a great song. I personally don’t don’t have any issue with that.”

THE NEWS: FDA Approves Over-the-Counter Plan B Morning-After Pill for Women 15 and Older
Taylor’s View: ”I think access to birth control in that age group is an issue that goes way beyond whether you can go in and get a pill at 15. I see it as a technicality of a much bigger conversation. Ultimately people and their choices go back to things like family and the choices you’re making at that age. What does that say about our culture that we are making that available for such young people?”Bo

THE NEWS: iPhone users considering trading in their cells for Samsung’s new Galaxy S4
Taylor’s View: ”I do have an iPhone. I have had many iPhone(s). Mac has won over and over by creating really high quality products and being the first to really make things attainable to people. Apple’s pitfall is having the ego that simply being Apple people are going to consume their product. So they’ve got some competition? That’s a good thing. That’s how great stuff gets created. We need an iPhone that can make a pop tart. That is my answer.”

THE NEWS: Monkeys Are Adept at Picking Up Social Cues, Research Shows
Taylor’s View: “This is my favorite question so far. Monkeys, yeah, you need to learn to branch out and don’t go with the crowd. I think monkeys need a pep-talk, and they need to find their own path. Where is the monkey leadership? Don’t be like a crab. Be different.”