Taylor Hanson: "Our Voices Are About an Octave Lower Now"

By | April 23, 2013




The Hanson boys are back…and they’re all grown up.
Taylor, 30, Zac, 27, and Isaac, 32, who rose to stardom with the success of their 1997 hit “MMMBop,” are gearing up for a busy summer with a new album and tour.
And it looks like nostalgic Hanson fans can expect the three-brother band to stick to the sound they’ve come to love.
“I think if people really listened to what we were doing musically when we first started, [our music now] is not a whole lot different,” Taylor told us at the MTV Movie Awards. “We’ve always listened to soul music, classic rock and roll…and that’s in the DNA of our band. But, I think now it’s captured more fully.”
Plus, Taylor added, “Our voices are about an octave lower now.”
Hanson’s new album, Anthem, is scheduled to drop on June 18.

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