Twilight's Nikki Reed Is a Hanson Superfan, Appears in Their New Music Video

By | April 13, 2013

E! Online

Video Thumbnail: Nikki Reed Friends With HansonE!’s Marc Malkin gets the “Twilight” beauty to spill the beans on how she turned her hardcore devotion to Hanson into an actual friendship!

If we didn’t know any better, we would think Nikki Reed had an unhealthy obsession withHanson.

Yes, Hanson!

“The Hanson brothers have been friends of mine for a long time,” the Twilight star told me earlier this week at Coach’s benefit for the Children’s Defense Fund. “A few years ago, maybe three or four years ago, I actually wrote them a letter.”

And guess what—they wrote back.

“I went to some shows and I became a die-hard Hanson fan,” Reed said.

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Most recently, Hanson asked Reed, her hubby Paul McDonald and another good friend,Two Broke Girls star Kat Dennings, to be in their new music video.

McDonald has even bought a “special” Hanson ring for Reed. Unfortunately, he only knows the size of her wedding finger. “So I got this beautiful Hanson ring in gold that only fits my wedding finger,” Reed said. “I was like, ‘Really, Paul? You want me to swap this out and put the Hanson ring there? I can [but] it’s a little weird.'”

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