Hanson to Launch New Single, Album, Video and Tour

By | April 2, 2013



Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson are back with new music and  they’re gearing up for a world tour to support their  comeback.

Hanson to Launch New Single, Album, Video and Tour

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The pop rock trio of Hanson has just returned to the recording scene and they’re making their comeback felt  by announcing their new music. The good news includes the upcoming release of  their new single and its matching music video,  a forthcoming album from where the new song is taken, and to top it all of, a  concert tour where they could promote all of these.
Brothers Isaac  Hanson, Taylor Hanson and Zac Hanson will release on April 4 the debut single  “Get the Girl Back”, a new track that features the old familiar soulful pop-rock  sound of Hanson. Simultaneously, its music video starring Kat Dennings of “2 Broke  Girls” and Nikki  Reed of “Twilight” and “Thirteen”, will be  premiered online on VH1.com and on air on the VH1 Top 20 countdown on April 6. A  few days after, the threesome is set to appear “The  Tonight Show with Jay Leno” to perform the new song.
As for their  new album entitled “Anthem”, the LP produced and written by the Hanson brothers themselves and mixed by Tom Lord-Alge will be released on June 18. To promote the new album, they will embark on an “Anthem World Tour” that will take them across North and South America from the months of July until  November.
Hanson’s comeback comes in the heels of the reemergence of  another sibling trio, the Jonas  Brothers, but 2013 seems to have a bigger significance to the Hanson men.  This year marks their 21st anniversary as the Hanson pop rock band that has so  far sold 16 million albums worldwide, released five studio albums and earned  multiple Grammy nominations.

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