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Sirius XM 90s on 9

By | February 24, 2013

From the SiriusXM 90s on 9 facebook page: Yep, you heard right! Next weekend, Hanson will be hosting the Back In The Day Replay Countdown, bringing you the hits from 1997! The listings for when the show airs can be found at http://m.siriusxm.com/servlet/Satellite?childpagename=SXM%2FUtility%2FMOB_GetShowsInfo&packedargs=pgId%3D1828&pagename=SXM%2FWrapper (You may be able to hear this even if you are not a… Read More »

Album 6 Song List

By | February 24, 2013

Hanson has mentioned that they have 16 songs completed for consideration to be included on the upcoming untitled “Album 6” release.  We have been able to track down 14 titles for potential songs to make it on the album.  Which one do you most want to see make it on to the album? Juliet Stay… Read More »