HNET Newsletter Aug 3, 2012

By | August 3, 2012
August 3, 2012
  • NEW Weekly Message from the band
  • NEW Back To The Island Jamaican Concert Event SOLD OUT!
  • NEW Australian Opener Announced
  • NEW HANSON Asks – new questions
  • NEW Fan Club Only “No Sleep For Banditos” Video Blog #3
  • NEW HANSON 20th Daily Picture – Check out the latest daily picture posted each day celebrating 20 years of music
  • HANSON 20th daily picture recap – Check out all the pictures posted this week and the MANY more!
  • HANSON 20th Trivia Winner
  • Reminder to Renew your membership!

NEW From The Band

This Week

This week, there is of some more members only content posted on the site like a new Bandito Blog, plus we hope everybody has enjoyed checking out the recap of the HANSON DAY, in last weeks video blog.

Last weekend we headed up to Des Moines Iowa to be apart of the “ALL STAR SUMMER CONCERT” hosted by Star 102.5. It was great to get back to Des Moines and see many fans that came from all over for the show. We also had some luck with our set time, two minutes after we came off stage it began to rain. The length of the show was short, but ever since I was a boy i’ve had an irrational fear of electrocution (which most likely stems from that time I was struck by lightning riding my bike in an Oklahoma thunderstorm) so all in all we can’t complain. We had a chance to say hey to a lot of fans that came out for the show, and grabbed a few pics during the trip which we’re sharing in this weeks blog.

I guess we have a couple weeks to get warmed up for the concerts across Canada (hopefully it will not be over 100° up North), stay cool and have a great week!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

NEW Matt Wertz to open Australian shows!

HANSON have announced that they will be joined by US singer songwriter Matt Wertz as special guest at each of their Australian shows. Wertz, a Missouri native renowned for his elegantly crafted songs and heart on sleeve honesty is sure to win over a legion of Australian fans as he presents songs from his latest album Weights & Wings. For more information, click HERE.

NEW HANSON Asks – new questions!

See the results of last week’s HANSON Asks polls and the brand new polls for this week available to HANSON.NET Members!

NEW No Sleep For Banditos Video Blogs

In the last couple weeks, we began sharing the first of five videos showing the making of the No sleep For Banditos EP songs. All Fan Club members can check out all the Member’s Bandito blogs and the latest blog featuring the song, “No Sleep For Banditos”. If you’re not a member join HERE

NEW HANSON 20th Daily Picture

Every single day starting back in May during the 20th anniversary HANSON DAY event we have been posting a daily picture highlighting a moment in HANSON History. Check out the new pic posted today!

HANSON 20th daily picture recap

Check out all the pictures posted this week and the MANY more that are posted every day on

HANSON 20th Trivia Game Winners!

Check the @hansonmusic twitter account each Friday for your chance to win a Han-Cyclopedia Trivia Game!

The latest winner is:

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