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By | April 14, 2012


You’ve heard of them before, you may have been following them since the band formed back in the early 90s or perhaps fell off their musical boat, but the eclectic pop-rock brother band, Hanson are alive and well – and with their latest album, Shout It Out, the brothers promise to dish out some classic rock ‘n’ roll beats.

The trio of Oklahoma blondes took over the radio in the early to mid 90s with their grudge style that was prevalent in pop cultural thanks to Nirvana and that fateful show where Marc Jacobs showed an entire dishevelled collection of unwashwashed hair, disproportionate separates and a whole lot of plaid! Fast forward nearly 20 years, thankfully fashion and the boys have evolved and we’re welcoming the refreshing change, both aesthetically and musically!

The Grammy nominated trio, announced the Canadian release of their fifth studio album, Shout It Out, back on April 3, 2012 (3CG Records/604 Records/Universal Music Canada). Released in Canada as a dual CD and live DVD package, the album will include 12 original tracks along with HANSON’s Best of 5 DVD set which features live performances of the band’s most iconic songs from their five album catalogue. Shout It Out, is proof that Hanson are here to stay, drawing on the classic sounds of R&B, soul and blues albums they listened to growing up, Shout it Out is a collection of hook-heavy, brass-indebted rock songs that’ll have you putting songs on repeat.

The boys’ style choices vary and are as colourful as their personalities. Isacc, the eldest finds comfort in tailored suiting and formal aesthetic. “I’m a fairly emotional person and the lack of stress and the structure of clothing is helpful, because I’ve always been one of those people that gets stressed out by the process of getting dressed. And I’ve realized I can simplify things that all I have to do is pick a tie for an outfit!” He’s also found a new love for shoes, a man that appreciates shoes is a winner in my books!

Zac who says he doesn’t really have much of an interest in style and fashion, but probably has not realized his relaxed and easy pant pairings with cotton shirts and layered jackets – the guy oozes that easy rock ‘n’ roll feel! Zac goes on to say, “it’s having that great leather jacket that you wear for a decade and looks better. Every. Time.” Rugged, rustic and relaxed!!

Probably the most fashion conscious of the three, Taylor isn’t bashful in admitting that he’ll accessorize the crap out of an outfit. Whether it’s incorporating scarves, jewellery a hat or a combination of the three, Taylor’s belief: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! “To me, it’s the thing that keeps it all together, the balance that pulls it all together, the swagger. I mean it’s one thing to put on a shirt, put on a jacket, and it’s another thing to put it all together.” A man after my own heart! You all know how I can live without my accessories!

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