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CarlyHanson / Mike Coppola, Getty Images

Carly Rae Jepsen may come across as young — given her association with Justin Bieber (who ”discovered” the ‘Call Me Maybe’ singer in his native Canada), and the fact that she’s gorgeous and healthy-looking.

But she’s actually 26, so it’s not a shock to hear that when she hung out with former boy band Hanson, she tossed back whiskey with them! Actually, we still think of the Bros. Hanson singing ‘MMMBop’ as kids, so the image of them throwing back a hard beverage is a bit jarring.

Keyboadist Taylor Hanson told AOL Music that when he and his brothers met CRJ, they had a good time, bonding over music and consuming libations. “We had multiple nights where she came on the bus and we just listened to records and talked about …”

“…talked about whiskey,” older brother and guitarist Isaac finished, with a laugh.

“Well, we drank whiskey and listened to music,” Taylor explained. Pairing music with a beverage is never a bad thing, as long as you’re of age!

Once they got good with liquor, the boys got to understand Jepsen, musically. Then, the idea of a collaboration reared its head. The Hansons think CRJ is on the cusp of breaking big, too. “I think, as a songwriter, she has a really good sense of a hook and a good sense of melody and I think she’s going to be served very well in the future,” said Isaac.

Carly Rae and the Hansons need to hit the studio … quick!

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