HNET Newsletter February 28, 2012

By | February 28, 2012

HANSON Trivia, 2012 Members Only Event and a Message From The Band

Help us create The HANSON Trivia Game!

We are creating a HANSON Trivia Game and we would like your help!

For details and to get involved, CLICK HERE

Members Only Event in Tulsa!

As part of the annual Hanson Day celebration we will be hosting a members only concert on May 13th. All you need to attend is to be a current fan club member on and RSVP!

The event will include:

  • Acoustic Concert
  • 2012 Member EP Release
  • Planned Activities (details TBD): Fan Club Bowling Championship, Pop Up Store at 3CG Records and HANSON Mini Gallery
  • Tulsa Guide Coming Soon!
  • More activity announcements Coming Soon!

Concert Date: May 13, 2012
Venue: TBD, Tulsa, OK 


For more details, CLICK HERE

From The Band!

Well we are two days into the recording of the new 2012 members EP and things are going swimmingly. Every year we make music that is only for members, but this year we are giving ourselves a little twist, we are only working in the night time hours, staying up all night and sleeping all day. After two nights we have recorded two songs, and started writing on five, by the end of the week we could have a double album at this rate.


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