Live: Hanson

By | June 20, 2011

News Of The World

ALTHOUGH it’s been 14 years since MmmBop hit No1, it still feels weird to see the child stars all grown up.

The hits have dried up but the three brothers have carried on making infectious acoustic pop. Their return is mainly about nostalgia, playing their five albums – one per show – at this student union venue.


Ploughing through their debut Middle Of Nowhere, it’s remarkable to think they were barely in their teens when they wrote naggingly catchy songs like MmmBop and Where’s The Love.


Joking with fans, Taylor Hanson hits the high notes well. But a disappointingly stingy two-song encore means the trio don’t show off how cool new album Shout It Out is.


However, few celebs manage to emerge so unscathed from child stardom. Mmmarvellous.


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