A jamming sesh with Hanson

By | June 20, 2011

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Fourteen years after MMMBop, Hanson are back. Brothers Zac, 25, Taylor, 28 and Isaac, 30, have just released their eighth studio album. The voices are a little deeper, but thankfully the hair is just as big…

Dancin’ with Hanson: Beth entertains the band (L-R: Taylor, Isaac, Zac)

Where: Strawberry Moons nightclub, London

So, boys, you’re back! And all grown up. Have you missed the UK?

Taylor: Yeah! We love it here. We’re also big fans of British music, especially Mumford & Sons. They’re providing a contrast to people like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

You’re not Gaga or Katy fans, then?

Zac: They let the production cover up the lack of craftsmanship. OK, I get it, you’ve got a great beat and what you just sang was kooky. But it’s like they took Dr Seuss and dumbed it down. It’s moronic.

Woah…That’s Team Hanson off the Gaga and Perry Christmas card list.

Isaac: But take Adele. She’s an example of real greatness. I hope that in an over-imaged world, her success shows that ultimately artistry does matter.

You’re all married with kids now – how many kids have you got between you?

Zac: Eight! Issac and I have two each and Taylor has four.

So, to put it bluntly, you’ve been having a lot of sex while you’ve been away…

Isaac: It doesn’t take much effort. But, yeah, we’ve been practising procreating.

Zac: We prefer the practising bit.

Gulp. Do girls still come on to you?

Taylor: They’ve become more brazen as they’ve got older. Drunk fans are a whole new dynamic.

Isaac: Requests to sign breasts are not uncommon.

And are you ever tempted to, er, sign them?

Zac: Why do you think we formed a band in the first place? We’re men. We have penises.

Taylor: Can that be the headline?

Maybe… Your wives must be very trusting.

Zac: Women are way too complicated to mess around with more than one at a time. I have absolutely no desire to fool around with someone else.

Taylor: But I do believe that if you’re not looking, you might as well be dead.

So there’s a policy that you can look but not touch?

Zac: Yeah, it’s called a wedding ring.

Taylor: Of course we’re conscious of beautiful women. But if you see a nice car, you don’t break into it and drive off.

Didn’t one of you marry a fan?

Isaac: Technically, we all did!

Taylor: But you were the one who threw a guitar pick at her head in the crowd…

Isaac: I spotted her, flirted with her the entire show and we hung out afterwards and started dating. She’s still got the pick.

Do you get sick of playing MMMBop?

Taylor: No! We’re really proud of it. It’s part of who we are.

Have you made enough money to retire and be comfortable?

Taylor: Not as comfortable as I’d like. But, yeah, we could all retire and live a very good life.

Goat’s cheese and mushroom tarts ordered (by Taylor):1

Goat’s cheese and mushroom tarts uneaten: 1 (Taylor doesn’t like mushrooms)

Minutes wasted trying to teach us basic guitar: 10

Days MMMBop has been our ear worm since the interview: 10 (and counting)


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