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Shout It Out CD Review

By | May 18, 2011

Red Hot Velvet NAME: Hanson ALBUM: Shout It Out DATE: 6June2011 LABEL: 3CG Records RATING: 4/5 FIVE WORD REVIEW: Full of pop and joy LOCATION: Tulsa, Oklahoma LINE UP: Isaac (married, two children), Taylor (married, four children, the randy sod), Zac (married, two children, yes really). WHAT’S THE STORY?: So you’ll probably need a quick… Read More »

Star magazine: Zac Hanson

By | May 18, 2011

Star Magazine The MMMBop boys are in the UK next month for live shows and a new album. Baby of the band, Zac, chats about scones, hellraising and that song… Tell us about your London plans? “We are playing our five albums across five straight nights in London in June, finishing with the new album… Read More »