My First Hanson Concert: Shout It Out Tour

By | May 13, 2011

My first Hanson concert was actually the November 21st 2010 show in Burlington VT at Higher Ground for the Shout it out tour. I’ve imagined how wonderful seeing my favorite band live would be BUT to be honest, my imagination was never THAT great LOL. The concert topped all my expectations.

I took the walk before the show and got to walk next to each of the guys (of course I walked right next to Zac for most of it as he is my favorite). I couldn’t bring myself to say HI to them. I was to nervous and completely fixated on every word out of Zac’s mouth. I was glad to have more gutsy fans there so I could just hear him talk. After the walk and before the meet and greet Hanson bought us hot chocolate as it was freezing out being Vermont and all.

My best friend Trina Villa shares the same love and passion for Hanson as I do. She got me my concert ticket as a Birthday present, My 23rd Birthday was the day after the concert. She won a meet and greet and got me an autograph, which is now my most prized possession. Because Of her meet and greet win, we got the front row right in front of Isaac. The concert had a long set list that night of 25 songs, I screamed and sang until I had just about no voice left. During the whole show I kept screaming about how bad I wanted one of Ike’s guitar picks. He kept throwing them way over my head. I wonder if he saw how bad I wanted one because at the end of the show he threw the remaining picks out into the crowd. One landed right in front of me and my best friend picked it up for me, while Isaac reached out and touched a few hands of the fans including mine. Trina missed that part cause she was getting my guitar pick for me 🙁 I felt bad but she reminded me about her meet and greet and insisted I take the guitar pic. We got some amazing Pics of the show and Zac broke his own record on Oh Darlin for holding a note for over 20 some odd seconds. ( I should remember how long since it was the best thing to ever witness)

The fans I met were wonderful. I ended up running into a girl I grew up with in school, I had no idea she was a Hanson fan and it was really cool to see her.

Now that I have finally made it to my first Hanson concert I refuse it to be my only concert. I wish I had taken more time to travel around some instead of waiting for them to come to me. I have been a fan since the summer of 1997, I waited 13 long years for the ultimate ‘Musical Ride’ This was truly the best Birthday present in the world and the best way to celebrate it as well.

I have enclosed the set list from MY FIRST CONCERT
And a few of my favorite pics from the walk and show
Including the college I made with Autograph, Pick, and Ticket Stub

Hanson November 21st Burlington VT set list Shout It Out Tour

1. Waiting For This Medley
2.Make It Out Alive
3.Minute Without You
4.Musical Ride
5.Where$B!G(Bs The Love
6.And I Waited
8.Been There Before
9.Carry You There
10.These Walls – acoustic
11.This Time Around – acoustic
12.Me Myself And I – acoustic
13.Save Me
14.Penny And Me
15.Voice In The Chorus
16.Thinking Of You
17.Crazy Beautiful
18.Thinkin Bout Somethin
19.Oh Darlin
21.Give Alittle
22.If Only – Mixes into Lets Get It On
23.Lost Without Eachother
24.Merry Christmas Baby – encore
25.Run Run Rulolph

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3 thoughts on “My First Hanson Concert: Shout It Out Tour

  1. Becky

    oh wow, what happened with the pics? They are all over the place

    1. Katie

      I think the gallery corrupted the thumbnails of a few of them..

  2. Becky

    Oh I c. Well its beautiful now 🙂 I just re-read the whole thing and it brought back all my memories and seems so long ago. Well actually it still feels like a dream. Thx for puttin my first concert up


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