Song vs Song Round 4 Results

By | May 2, 2011

Round 4 has ended! Here are the results:


Underneath (16) vs Georgia (22)

Runaway Run (19) vs Great Divide (18)

Never Let Go (14) vs Thinking Bout Somethin (24)

Penny and Me (24) vs If Only (14)

With You In Your Dreams (22) vs Man From Milwaukee (15)

Lost Without Each Other (26) vs Believe (12)

Me Myself and I (18) vs Every Word I Say (20)

Madeline (23) vs Crazy Beautiful (18)

The Walk (21) vs Breaktown (17)

Song To Sing (17) vs Been There Before (20)


The winners from this round will compete against each other in Round 5! Round 5 will only have 5 pairs competing, with the winners advancing in to the Final 5!

One thought on “Song vs Song Round 4 Results

  1. SwedishChick

    This just can’t be… I feel like this competition has been overrun by the “Vote For The Worst” people. 🙁


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