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By | April 30, 2011

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Taylor Hanson has revealed he and his brothers Isaac and Zac think of themselves as a ”70s rock band” and their new album ‘Shout It Out’ reflects this.
Hanson think of themselves as a 70s rock band.
The Oklahoma-based brothers, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson – who shot to fame with their debut single ‘MMMbop’ in 1997 – have been heavily influenced by music from the 70s and Taylor says it shows on their new album ‘Shout It Out’.
He explained: “The last two records we were definitely leaning away from the old school R&B that we had been doing, we’ve been going a little bit more layered and textured, more pop rock and with this album we’ve tried to create it in a way that captures a certain energy that we love about albums from our past.
“We joke that we’re a 70s rock band because we grew up in the Midwest with a little bit of roots music around us but also listening to 50s and 60s soul music and as a result this album is a mid 70s pop rock album made in 2011.”
While Taylor – who will play a series of five shows in London in June called ‘Five of Five’ with Hanson – admits the siblings do have their fair share of rows, he says their “mutual respect and admiration” will keep the band together for a long time to come.
Asked if he gets sick of working with his brothers, Taylor told BANG Showbiz: “How many times a week, would be the answer to that. Of course we don’t always get along. But the truth is we have a mutual respect and connection and sometimes it’s actually the clash that makes great art. We have a positive message and story in that we don’t get into fights in public and act like idiots but the difference is we don’t air our dirty laundry in the middle of the street.”

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