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Shocking news: Hanson recording album of Slipknot covers

MusicRadar You remember Hanson, right? That teen trio of brothers who made a big, multi-platinum splash in the ’90s with their oh-so-poppy song MMMBop? Sure you do. Turns out the Hanson boys, uh, men are huge metalheads, and they’re proving it in a most unexpected way – by covering Slipknot! Several days ago, a video surfaced on YouTube… Read More »

ShockHound Exclusive: Hanson Making Album Of Slipknot Covers

ShockHound Hanson started out as a trio of brothers singing a capella harmonies, rose to multi-platinum fame as a teen pop band, and have since gone on to carve out their own successful niche as independent artists respected for their musical proficiency and their tireless charity work. And now, the boys who brought us “MMMBop” want to show… Read More »

SXSW4Japan Rebroadcast April 5

The 12 hour SXSW4Japan telecast will be rebroadcast on April 5. With even more content and artists than when it originally aired! Give a Little is also being released on April 5th and all proceeds will be going to the Red Cross. Also, all proceeds from the SXSW4Japan album will be going to the Red Cross as well… Read More »

Kidd & Elizabeth Show 03-30-2011

Your 30 second Hanson (the band) Update…What have they been doing since MMM Bop? Plus, HEAR their new song and find out how it is being used to help those in Japan affected by the earthquake. And, LIVE REPORTS from NYC where the hunt is on for the missing cobra snake…What you need to know before you travel… Read More »

Fan of the Month April – Becky

Name: Rebecca Carlson Age: 23 Location: Saint Johnsbury VT What is the very first memory of Hanson that you have? I was 9 years old and at a friends house. She had the Hanson trivia book and I thought the guys were Hott and she showed me the video for mmmbop and I has hooked. How many times… Read More »