Song vs Song Round 3B results

By | April 25, 2011

Round 3 has now ended and voting for Round 4 will be up shortly! This was the first week we had 3 songs competing against each other due to a tie in previous rounds. In a strange turn of events, Get Up and Go and I Am still tied with 11 votes each, but the 3rd song they were up against Me Myself And I, got 21 votes which will allow it to advance to Round 4.

Here are the results:

Lost Without Each Other (26) vs I Will Come To You (18)
Believe (21) vs Weird (24)
Get Up and Go (11) vs I Am (11) vs Me Myself and I (21)
Take Our Chances (11) vs Every Word I Say (34)
Rock N Roll Razorblade (18) vs Madeline (26)
Follow Your Lead (14) vs Crazy Beautiful (29)
Love Somebody To Know (17) vs The Walk (25)
Breaktown (37) vs Smile (7)
Where’s The Love (18) vs Song To Sing (26)
Been There Before (38) vs Out Of My Head (5)

Up to date bracket can be found at:

Round 4 voting will be posted shortly.

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