Hanson Posted: From Conan to Denver In a Day

By | April 14, 2011

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We just received the following missive from Hanson fellas, our Posted artist for the month of April. Rather than translating their words, we figured it would be more fun if we just turned the blog over to them for this one post. The floor’s all yours, gents!

Last Thursday was a pretty nuts day, which started off with an early call time at Conan to record his show that evening, and ended with a chartered flight to get to Denver in time for a radio show we had planned for some time with KALC. Conan was a blast. We love being on the show. We snapped a few pics during the rehearsals as everyone was getting their bearings. It’s always fun to play with a great horn section, even better if you have somebody named La Bamba in your section.

In order to pack in a big TV show in one city and a radio show performance in another city the same day you pretty much have no choice but to charter a flight; lucky for us, we were in Burbank recording Conan which put us close to the regional private airport of choice. Here’s a few pics from the trip inside the mini-plane which, thankfully, got us to Denver just in the nick of time. There’s also some corresponding vids from this little jaunt that we hope you enjoy.

— Taylor,Isaac and Zac

We’ve got the video of Hanson performing “Give A Little” from the Conan show last week for you below, as well as all the pictures that the guys sent along.

(Head to the source to check out the video and photos!)

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