Hanson's 'Give a Little' Gets Remixed by Questlove and RAC — Video Premieres

By | April 4, 2011


After releasing their eighth studio album, ‘Shout It Out,’ in 2010, Hanson are dropping the record’s second single, ‘Give a Little,’ on April 5. To mark the occasion, the Grammy-nominated brother trio has enlisted two great musical talents to remix the track.

One rendition of the single was mixed by Roots drummer Questlove, who has also worked with Erykah BaduD’AngeloCommon and Fiona Apple, to name a few. RAC — the Remix Artist Collective, which produces dance/electronic/rock remixes for recording artists — also took a turn at reinterpreting the track.

Now, Hanson have teamed up with Soundcloud to launch the ‘Give a Little’ remix challenge. Anyone can register on Soundcloud to get access to the song and submit their mix to the band.

“The idea with the remix challenge is to open up our music to other talented producers’ and mixers’ styles, and hopefully create a platform to connect our music to theirs and draw attention to their craft,” says middle Hanson brother Taylor. Submissions will be voted on by the public, and the best remixes will join Questlove and RAC on the upcoming U.K. digital single release of ‘Give a Little.’

“‘Give A Little’ is about rhythm and movement, so from the beginning we wanted to get remixes of the songs,” Taylor explains. “We asked Questlove and RAC to give the song their flavor, and they both expertly reinvented it without losing the song. We cut the vids together just as a way to make a visual for the amazing mixes. Enjoy!”

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