Hanson’s “MMMBop” Voted Best Single of 1900-1999, Kanye West furious

By | April 1, 2011

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While Arcade Fire may have surprised many when they won the Grammy for album of the year, nothing could have prepared the world for this.

Zogby International, a prominent international research facility recently conducted a poll to figure out what the world thought the best song of the previous century was. The poll was sponsored through a joint effort between MTV, Apple, Rolling Stone magazine and Charlie Sheen. Over 30 million participants from several countries were asked what their favourite song was from 1900-1999. Oddly enough, there was one song that got the popular vote by a wide margin. That song is “MMMBop”.

“MMMBop” is a hit single from 1997. The song reached the #1 position in 11 countries and managed to reach the top five in four other countries. It was written and performed by Hanson, a trio of brothers that formed a band. The track proved to be the pinnacle of their success. Soon after, they faded from the mainstream public’s minds and into obscurity.

While the band is now on their own independent label, apparently “MMMBop” lived on in the hearts of many. While the exact numbers of the poll have not been released, the company did say that “MMMBop” received a lot more votes than its competitors. The band has yet to release a statement, but rumors are circulating that the boys are planning a huge comeback.

Other songs that received a substantial number of votes include “Money For Nothing” by The Dire Straits, “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer, “Little Ole Man (Uptight, Everything’s Alright)” by Bill Cosby and “Lost in You” by Chris Gaines. A representative of Zogby International suggested that there may be a follow up poll asking the public to name their favourite album from 1900-1999.

In another twist, Kanye West was reportedly enraged with the results, going as far as threatening the company’s secretary via telephone. A representative from the company said West seemed furious yelling, “Ima let you finish, but I’m the best of all time,” repeatedly. Apparently West felt his music was better than “MMMBop” and that he should have “won the poll”, despite the fact that all his music’s been released post-1999.

3 thoughts on “Hanson’s “MMMBop” Voted Best Single of 1900-1999, Kanye West furious

  1. Becky

    OMG!!! Something is seriously wrong with Kanye West. First he messes up Taylor Swifts speech at that award ceremony and now this…
    He is out of his mind. He wasnt anything in the 90’s. I think he needs some help and extensive anger management classes

    1. Katie

      I am pretty sure this whole article is just one big April Fools joke.


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