Can Hanson Make a Grown-Up Comeback?

By | September 17, 2010


Back in 1997, when ‘N Sync was just getting started and Justin Bieber was still a toddler, Hanson was all the craze. Three young brothers with long blonde hair and an absurdly catchy Grammy-nominated song, what teenage girl could resist?

These days, Hanson is not exactly a household name. Like most teen sensations, when their fanbase reached high school they faded into relative obscurity, leaving behind a single nonsensical chorus: “Mmmbop, baduba dop ba du bop.”

Believe it or not, they never stopped making music. In fact the three brothers, now all happily married with children, formed their own record label in 2003 to escape the domineering control of the rising music industry.

Their fifth album, “Shout It Out,” was released this June with very little attention, despite mostly positive reviews. But that’s not getting them down.

Isaac Hanson, the oldest brother at 29, told the LA Times, “[I] realized on this record how similar our sound is to when we first started. Our songs all carry the same way.”

He then added, “Well, with different keys. Taylor’s no longer a soprano.”

They’ve accepted the fact that they no longer hold the popular appeal they once did, but continue to pursue their musical careers and show no signs of slowing. Zac, the youngest at 24, said, “I guess you decide at some point in your career whether you’re going to run from it or embrace it, and we’ve embraced it.”

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