Interview with Stereo Skyline

By | September 13, 2010


I know the Roadshow ends today so you’ve obviously been able to see a lot of the bands play. With a good mix of new meets old with bands like Simple Plan, Third Eye Blind and Good Charlotte, were there any that you particularly listened to growing up?
Clayton: That’s right! Oh yeah!
Kevin: Every time we’ve done an interview for the past year and a half, they asked ‘what band would you love to tour with?’ and I always answer with Third Eye Blind consistently. You can look it up! There’s never an interview where I don’t say that and now we’re on tour with them and I mean Good Charlotte’s another one that we all like look up to, Simple Plan.
Brian: Hanson!
Kevin: Yeah we got to see Hanson every day for a while.
Rob: Plus all of these bands have given us like more advice then you could ever have asked for. I mean Good Charlotte, I think they say every day on stage that they’ve been a band for fourteen years. I mean that’s unreal.
Clayton: And we just turned fourteen!
Brian: I’m sixteen!

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