Hanson's "Shout It Out" Tour Diary: Part II

By | August 9, 2010


Head to the source to see the photos Taylor has taken

Hanson’s lead singer Taylor Hanson is quite the photographer and is kindly documenting life on the road with his brothers for PAPERMAG as they cross the country on their “Shout It Out” Tour.

The Shout It Out Tour is getting moving now, We’ve covered some respectable ground, moving from New England into the south, land of hot nights and melt-off-the-bone bbq (yummmm). We’ve had our hottest barefoot mile charity walks to date (takethewalk.net) with amazing turnouts at walks and shows alike (with phenomenal crowds setting the bar high for the rest of the tour.)

In this selection of snapshots, I’ve captured a pre-show whiplashing rockout with Isaac, some from-stage audience pics and a stationary test-drive of a “should have been purchased on the spot, but will most likely be purchased before the tour is finished” electric dirtbike. The tour has begun getting its swing, with more change-up’s in the sets each night and some guest dancing on stage with fans and Rooney. Hope you dig this week’s peek behind the curtain.

The road goes on. Enjoy!


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