Article: Here We Go Again

By | April 22, 2010

EMC Ottawa West

EMC Editorial – By the time you read this, I’ll be finishing up the last of my packing, on my way to another adventure with the band Hanson.

It’s finally time for the New York, NY event, the special five-night stand at the Gramercy Theater featuring each of the band’s four major albums as well as the debut of the upcoming June release.

And I couldn’t be more excited. Trying to contain my excitement is tough, as I imagine what’s to come.

Since the release of the band’s new video, for the single Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’, Hanson hysteria has been ongoing. The video shot to the number one spot on the social media site, Myspace, and over a period of four days garnered more than 500,000 hits. And yes, even after the final cuts of the clip, yours truly can be seen dancing in the crowd. Amazing!

Beginning on Monday, the craze will multiply. Just hours after arriving in the city, I will be joining a crowd of fans outside NBC studios to dance to the new song following the band’s interview on the Today Show. It will be a flash mob type of event, something that’s become popular with my age group for grabbing attention and support for a cause, event or issue.

Once the dance is complete, we’ll be holding a listening party while taking the band’s trademark one-mile barefoot walk, designed to raise awareness that small actions can make a difference around the world. For each person walking, the band will donate $1 to various charitable causes in South Africa. By taking off our shoes and walking with our idols, we’ll be helping to build water-wells, schools or provide medication to prevent the spread of AIDS.

And that’s just the beginning! The rest of the week will include once-in-a-lifetime concert events, where the band will play each album in entirety.

I’m thrilled with the attention these talented brothers are getting lately. Gossip Web sites and entertainment news agencies are spreading the word that the boys of Mmmbop have released another catchy, more grown up tune. It’s catchy, upbeat and fun, and just the kind of song I can imagine blasting through the streets over the upcoming summer months.

It’s a rewarding feeling as a fan, to see other finally noticing the talent of this band. The nay-sayers are changing their tune, and giving them another chance.

As a fan, I’ve stood beside this band for 14 years, knowing their level of talent and passion is not something commonplace in the music industry today. I’ve supported them, promoted them, and spent many days and weeks travelling to see them.

This event, I imagine, will be a celebration for fans new and old. It will be a time to shout out our support and encouragement, a time to celebrate their success and currently gaining momentum.

Not only will it be a celebration, but this week in NYC will mark a high point in 14 years of fandom, There’s never been an event like this, and it’s likely anything similar would be few and far between.

It’s time to shout it out, time to dance it out. It’s time to go to New York city!

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