'90s teen idols, where are they now?

By | March 26, 2010


The Hanson Brothers. Zac, Tyler, and Isaac. Ahh, our memories of “Mmmbop” will never ever go away (and we have to admit, we still rock out to it). So where is this adorable trio these days???

Zac, Taylor, and Isaac have all met their dream girls and are happily married. Isaac has one girl, Taylor has 3 kids, and Zac is yet to become a daddy (but soon, he says!!). And after taking some time off but never officially ever calling it quits, the boys have announced a co-headlining tour with Hello Goodbye and a new album out called “Shout it Out,” which will be released on June 1, 2010!! We can’t wait!

Note: Someone needs to work on their fact checking… But its nice to see them get some positive mentions and promotion for the new album (due out June 8!)

3 thoughts on “'90s teen idols, where are they now?

  1. Jen

    Where is the article? I click on the link and it brings me to a photo… I wanted to link it on my tumblr!


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