Article: 'American Idol' Contestant Siobhan Magnus Professes Her Love For Hanson

By | March 17, 2010

MTV Newsroom (check out source for video)

Tonight on “American Idol,” the newly-christened Top 12 will ruin cover Rolling Stones tunes. In previous seasons, celebs like Jamie Foxx, Elton John, Mariah Carey and even Jennifer Lopez have all stopped by to provide advice, guidance and veteran wisdom to the contestants. But who will be tapped this year?

If season niner Siobhan Magnus had her pick, it’d be the men from Hanson.

Yep, the former teen pop rockers still have a group of dedicated fans who, like the band members themselves, have matured past the “MMMbop” days. It turns out the ninth season’s resident quirky girl is one of them.

“I love Hanson!” she gushed (and blushed) at last week’s “American Idol” Top 12 Party. “The Walk is my favorite album,” she told me as she pointed to the tattoo on her forearm, which reads “Ngi Ne Themba” — a Zulu phrase that means “I have hope” that is also the name of the opening track on the album.

Magnus, who turned 20 years old on Monday (March 15), apparently received a call from Taylor, her favorite member of the brothers Hanson. In a tweet from the official “American Idol” account, Magnus wrote, “Taylor Hanson: thank u so much for the message u have no idea what it means to me!” Have you ever heard anything more adorable? If Taylor wasn’t married with multiple children, we’d totally try to set those two up.

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