Article: Decoding Siobhan Magnus' Style

By | March 12, 2010

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Among the zaniest contestants we met at the Top 12 party? Siobhan Magnus, whose self-styled look featured an assortment of symbols and embellishments, each with a deeply personal meaning. We had the 19-year-old Cape Cod native break it down for us.

The Ink: Siobhan currently boasts three tattoos. On her right shoulder (middle inset) is the cover image from Edward Gorey’s book “The Gashlycrumb Tinies.” “He’s an author from Cape Cod who’s one of my mom’s favorites,” she says. “He lived close to us so I grew up being very familiar with his work.”

On her left wrist (bottom inset) are the words “I find hope” in Swahili. “It’s from a Hanson song,” she says. “They’re my favorite band ever.” Indeed, the line comes from “The Great Divide,” from Hanson’s album and African charity effort “The Walk.” Her third tat (not pictured) on the opposite wrist, is a heart with an X through it. “That’s a Hole reference, she says. “Courtney Love is my other favorite.”

The necklace: Siobhan’s neck accessory (top inset) was a gift from home. “My boss made me this for good luck,” she revealed. “It’s an Egyptian Scarab beetle because I’m really into ancient Egyptian stuff.”

The jacket: “My mom’s the biggest Ramones fan you ever met,” says Siobhan of the bright yellow patch adorning her denim jacket. “My parents are old school punk rockers — they partied with Black Flag! ” In red ink: another tribute to Hole. On the back? A patch for “The Devil’s Rejects.” Says Siobhan: “I love Rob Zombie and I’m obsessed with horror movies. I love fake blood and gore.”

— Shirley Halperin

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Photo: Siobhan Magnus poses at the Top 12 party. Credit: Vince Bucci / PictureGroup; Insets by Shirley Halperin

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