Article: Retro fashion transcends at a Hanson music video shoot

By | March 8, 2010

When the band, Hanson (yes, of “MMMBop” fame), announced that they would film a 70’s style music video for their new single, “Thinking Bout Somethin,” fans from around the nation and Canada raided their closets and then promptly flocked to Tulsa, OK. The video was to be reminiscent upon a scene from The Blues Brothers, where Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi break into dance alongside Ray Charles on piano as a crowd forms outside.

The Brothers Hanson were bedecked appropriately – Isaac in a black suit and Ray Bans, directly inspired by the film; Taylor wore a groovy floral patterned shirt tucked into pale pants; and Zac was Fonzie-esque in jeans and a cool black motorcycle jacket.

The crowd, comprised of about 20 professional dancers and 300 fans, followed suit in varying degrees of retro styles. Despite the fact that Hanson posted a dress code for the video, the outfits of the attendants varied greatly. “Everyone had their own style,” said Waukesha resident, Erin Tibbitts, who had flown into town for the shoot. “Some people dressed up. Some people dressed down. Some followed the 70’s vibe.”

The colorful and random look of the gathered crowd somehow added to the authenticity and even reinforced the idea that certain 40-year-old styles have transcended time and come back around again. The great and interesting thing about vintage fashion is that the good styles always come back. Fans need not reach any further than their own closets or the nearest mall for a classic pair of straight or boot cut jeans, crisp button down shirts, earthy tones, fringe details, cute boots, or hippy headbands. Flower power lives today as witnessed by these retro yet also currently-dressed fans and dancers.

The stylish Blues Brothers knew the value of a great suit and slick shades, and Hanson looks forward to supporting this sentiment when they release their fun throw back music video late this spring.


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