Hanson ‘walks’ SF State

By | November 5, 2009

Golden Gate [X]press
Music group Hanson performed in front of Malcolm X Plaza the afternoon of Nov. 5 to bring attention to issues around the world.

The American rock ‘n’ roll band, made up of brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zach Hanson, started in The Village at Centennial Square by having the crowd to take off their shoes and walk barefoot with them to the plaza.

Since 2007, Hanson has partnered with shoe company TOMS doing “The Walk,” where they walk for one mile before giving a concert in an attempt to fight AIDS and poverty in Africa as well a number of other causes. For every person who put their name down on their list, Hanson will donate $1 to these efforts.

“We’re raising money to aid those that are less fortunate,” Taylor Hanson said. “This is not an awareness walk, this is an action walk.”

Hundreds of SF State students screamed and hollered as they walked with the band one mile from The Village to the plaza.

“It’s a great opportunity to speak to people and do something together,” Taylor Hanson said as he set out on the walk. “Even though there’s a million causes, a student can have an active role in creating change.”

Youngest brother Zach Hanson echoed his older brother’s message of hope to change the unfortunate conditions in particular parts of the world.

“We don’t need a government or nonprofit to reach out,” Zach Hanson said. “We got all the tools we need. Walks are just a way to provide people with a way to start.”

Not only did SF State students decided to join in on the march for a good cause, fans from all over also joined in.

“This is our second walk,” said Lauren Connelly, 19, who attends City College of San Francisco. “We did the Petaluma walk last year. It’s a great cause.”

When Hanson took the stage on the plaza, they performed three songs and they closed it with the crowd favorite “Where’s the Love.” Fans, however, were disappointed when the group did not perform their hit song “MmmBop.”

But Allie Berger, 20, was able to get Zach Hanson’s signature on her sweatshirt and said it was “The biggest day in my entire life.”

Hanson’s next stop will be at UC Los Angeles on Nov. 7, followed by the University of San Diego on Nov. 8.

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