Monthly Archives: October 2009

Setlist: New Orleans 10-30-09

1. Where’s the Love 2. Great Divide 3. Get Up & Go 4. Got a Hold on Me 5. Running Man 6. Been There Before 7. World’s on Fire 8. Carry You There 9. Madeline 10. Deeper (Isaac solo) 11. These Walls (started as Taylor solo, then Isaac & Zac came back on stage) 12. This Time Around… Read More »

Article: "MMMBro": Hanson And Other Rock And Roll Bands Of Brothers

HoustonPress [youtube=] Back in the summer of1997, one couldn’t walk out of their house without hearing someone humming, blaring, or damning to Hell that juicy nugget of pop rock that was Hanson’s “MMMBop”. Depending on your age and gender, you either understood the hooky genius of the song or you were just in love with the boys dreamy… Read More »

Video: Hanson plays at Vanderbilt bookstore

InsideVandy Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson walked from Belmont to the Vanderbilt bookstore barefoot Tuesday. The one-mile walk was part of their campaign to raise awareness of poverty and AIDS in Africa, and part of their overall college tour. At the bookstore, they played a quick acoustic set for a tightly packed crowd. <embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”480″… Read More »

Article: Hanson draws crowd to bookstore

Vanderbilt University Hundreds jammed into the Vanderbilt Bookstore to catch a glimpse of pop band Hanson, who visited campus to promote their Use Your Soul Tour and fourth studio album, The Walk. Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson led an estimated 200 Vanderbilt and Belmont students on a barefoot walk, which started at the Belmont University campus and… Read More »

Setlist: Atlanta 10/28/2009

1. Where’s the Love 2. Great Divide 3. Get up and Go 4. Georgia 5. Running Man 6. Runaway Run 7. Been there Before 8. World’s on Fire 9. Carry You There 10. Penny & Me 11. I Will Come To You 12. Use Me Up (Zac Solo) 13. Never Let Go (Taylor Solo) 14. Dream Girl 15.… Read More »